Within the disciplines of Land Use Planning, Landscape Architecture and Building Design, CDD provides the following services:


Site Selection

Many clients purchase a site then retain a designer. At CDD we work with the client to select a property that meets their needs and that may present exciting opportunities not obvious to a new property purchaser. CDD will do a review of a site’s physical and zoning conditions to test its compatibility with the client’s vision, expectations and budget.


Pre-Design + Programming

CDD will assist the client group with pre-design planning, programming and budgeting to determine if the conditions are ready to move forward with design and also to reduce expensive changes in the design process.


Full or phased design services include: Schematic Design, Rezoning Applications, Development Permit Applications, Variance Applications, Design Development, Building Permit Application, Tender Documents, Detailed Construction Documentation, Project Review Services, Warranty Review Services

Project types: Single Family Residential Design, Resort Design, Urban Design, Landscape Design, Swimming Pool & Spa Design, Land Use Planning and Rezoning Applications